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Rent to own is a BAD IDEA

I am not pulling any punches here.  Rent to own is a bad idea.* Period end of story.   *Owner financing real estate investments not included. We love giving rental property owner advice and rental tips for landlords, let us know what you want to know more abou...

New Office in Danville

We heard you! We are now extending our professional services to Lewisburg, Danville, Bloomsburg and Berwick. First class rental property management services offered in Lock Haven, Mill Hall, Beech Creek, Jersey Shore, Avis, Linden, Cogan Station, Williamsport, Loyalsock, Mon...

Avoid rental nightmares and prevent rental property damag

Avoid rental nightmares and prevent rental property damage, this video breaks down a common sense method to keep it from happening. About the scariest thing a landlord can imagine is that the tenants they lease to will destroy the property.  They imagine torn carpets, broken...

Your rental property appliance questions answered

This week's Tip Tuesday answers questions that real estate investors ask about appliances in their properties. Questions like, What appliances belong in a rental home? What can I do about the appliance repairs? and Should I provide high end or low end appliances?
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