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The leasing market is shifting in 2022

The leasing market is shifting and we are here to let you know what is happening, what to expect and what to do about it.  Most investors wait too long to adapt to leasing market adjustments, don't wait! Act now!

Buying investment property in Williamsport, PA

What do you need to know about buying investment property in Williamsport, PA?  We will share with you what you need to know about the market, the product and the players in this video!

Changes in WMWA policies impacting Williamsport area landlords

Williamsport Municipal Water Authority recently sent property owners a notice of changes to their policies including not billing tenants anymore.  We break down what this means and what action you need to take in this video.

Landlord Myth #2 I don't have to screen tenants because...

Do you have to screen tenants when you know them personally?  Or what about when they have a high paying job?  What if they pay you cash up front for the lease term?  We will break down the myth versus fact in this claim that sometimes you don't have to screen ...

Landlord Myth #1 Does higher rent get better tenants

Does higher rent get better tenants?  This landlord myth has been around forever! If the landlord isn't satisfied with the quality of applications for a property they think that raising the rent will attract a new class of renter.  Find out if this myth has any basi...

Top Tips When Buying Investment Property in Williamsport

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Are you thinking of buying an investment property in Williamsport? Purchasing an investment property is a great way to create monthly passive income and grow your long-term wealth. The city of Williamsport has proven to be a worthwhile real estate investment location with it...

Avoid these 5 costly landlord mistakes

Avoid these 5 costly landlord mistakes.  We see landlords making these mistakes every day.  Let us show you a better way to grow wealth through real estate.  Stop making these costly landlord mistakes and see your returns improve!

How much rent late fee can I charge?

If you don't know how much rent late fee you can charge, this video is for you!  We explore what the laws say, and in practice what you can expect when in front of a judge. Charging rent late fees can be confusing so we are glad to help.
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