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How much rent late fee can I charge?

If you don't know how much rent late fee you can charge, this video is for you!  We explore what the laws say, and in practice what you can expect when in front of a judge. Charging rent late fees can be confusing so we are glad to help.

Pennsylvania Security Deposit Laws

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Landlords in Pennsylvania have the right to ask their prospective tenants for a security deposit when renting out their properties. This deposit helps you to be protected from potential financial issues that may result from your tenant’s negligent actions. Such actions coul...

The 2022 Rental Housing Market is WILD!

What is happening in the 2022 rental housing market? It's wild times out there! Leasing agent superstar, Kristin Leet, of One Focus Property Management, shares what has changed in rental leasing in the last two years.  She shares what is driving the demand, how applicant...

Rental property older than 1978?

Do you have rental property older than 1978? If so, then you MUST comply with the Residential Lead-Based Hazard Reduction Act of 1992.  What does that mean?  Don't worry about it, we cover everything you need to know in this video.  If you need to know more you...

How to do due diligence on a rental property

Rental property due diligence isn't the same as just buying a home for yourself.  There are things you need to check and confirm prior to closing or you could be making a big mistake! This video will cover the top four things you are likely to miss.

What does your property manager do if tenants don't pay rent?

What does your property manager do if tenants don't pay rent? At One Focus Property Management we are proud to offer the ONLY full assurance property management plan in North Central Pennsylvania.  Learn how our clients are enjoying ZERO TENANT RISK on their real estate ...

Why require renters insurance?

Why do you need to require renters insurance on every single rental property?  I have three quick horror stories to illustrate how innocently and quickly this risk will creep up on you. It isn't only about protecting tenant belongings, it also protects you! You need to r...

Don't leave keys in the mailbox

There are ZERO good reasons to leave the keys in the mailbox at your rental property, so DON'T! Today's video tells you the risks of leaving the keys unsecured and thus, your property at risk.  Also, what solutions are there for the real estate investor who wants to ...

How to enter your rental property

Nobody teaches you how to enter your rental property, but we will! We don't take enough caution when entering our rental properties to ensure we don't find embarrassment, anger or danger on the other side of the door.  Enjoy the tips!
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