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How to Rent Out Your House in Williamsport

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Williamsport is the county seat of Lycoming County and the home to more than 27,000 people. But around 64 percent of Williamsport’s residents are renting a home, which is why this city is a great location for rental property investment. If you plan to invest in a ...

Best advice in 2022? Increase your rent!

We are giving the same advice to all landlords in 2022. Increase your rent!  We are seeing inflation increase pricing on all the components of housing, and your rent needs to keep up or you will find that you can't keep up.  Increasing the rent is a tough things for...

Pennsylvania Fair Housing Act: an Overview

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The primary purpose of the Fair Housing Act is to provide housing equality to every American citizen when renting out a home. This is based on the principle that every American citizen should have equal rights to seek housing opportunities and should not be discriminated against ...

The leasing market is shifting in 2022

The leasing market is shifting and we are here to let you know what is happening, what to expect and what to do about it.  Most investors wait too long to adapt to leasing market adjustments, don't wait! Act now!

Changes in WMWA policies impacting Williamsport area landlords

Williamsport Municipal Water Authority recently sent property owners a notice of changes to their policies including not billing tenants anymore.  We break down what this means and what action you need to take in this video.
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