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Tips to Prevent Tenant Damages to Your Rental Property

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Being a landlord can be a rewarding experience, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. Preventing tenant damage to rental properties is one of the biggest difficulties landlords face. Tenant damage may result in expensive repairs, loss of rental revenue, or even leg...

Is a Month-to-Month Lease Better for Landlords?

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When it comes to leasing their property, landlords have various choices. The month-to-month lease is one kind of lease that has grown in popularity over the past few years. This arrangement offers a degree of adaptability and independence that is not present in customary long-ter...

What Exactly is "Normal Wear and Tear"?

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As homeowners and renters, it's important to understand what constitutes normal wear and tear to avoid disputes over damages when moving out of a property. In this blog, we will define and explain the concept of normal wear and tear, provide examples, and discuss how it ...

Pricing Your Williamsport Home to Rent

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Before launching the marketing campaign for your Williamsport rental home, you must first determine how much you are going to charge. But this isn’t as easy as it sounds. The best rental rate is a value that is competitive in the market but does not sacrifice your profit.At...

How to do a rental property walk through inspection with VIDEO!

Are you stumped at how to do a rental property walk through inspection? Fear not! This video will break down exactly how to capture the most information and be prepared with documentation of your property's condition when you need it.  By using video for your rental prop...

How to Advertise Your Williamsport Rental Property Successfully

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You know that you are a successful property owner when your property generates consistent income that can be used in paying for your property’s expenses. But your rental income can only reach this point when your property is occupied.It is crucial that you minimize vacancie...

Churches need property managers

Churches have a lot of real estate and many of them are renting out unused parsonages.  Churches do a lot of things very well, but managing rental housing isn't one of them.  They need property managers, learn more in this video.

Five online tools real estate investors need

My top five favorite online tools real estate investors need.  There are amazing free and low-cost tools that help buy back what you lack, TIME! Your real estate investment business needs more efficiency, these tools are a great way to build that.
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