Owner FAQs

Answers to Your Common Questions

  • How do you find tenants for properties?

    We are marketing anywhere from 40-100 properties at any given time which allows us to make significant investment in advertising and leasing staff. Our team of licensed real estate professionals are trained in phone, web and face-to-face leasing and fair housing. We are unique in using video tours to promote properties. Our properties are on Craigslist several times a week, promoted on our website, Facebook, direct email communication and 10+ rental websites. The massive amount of advertising that is produced for all the properties we list produces an incredible amount of calls, emails and office visits. This high volume of traffic means we speak with over 1,000 potential tenants every month. We are certain to find a great resident for your property.
  • How do you save me money on expenses?

    VOLUME! Bulk buying warehouse clubs are popular because you can get the essentials your family needs like paper products and food staples as less than a normal grocery store because they are buying in bulk and charging you a membership fee. The concept is the same with us. We are buying parts and services for more than 600 housing units. Since we buy so much, we are able to get top notch service providers and suppliers to give us excellent service at a lower cost. We leverage the power of the portfolio to the benefit of everyone. From snow removal to faucets, we get the best prices around- and you don’t have to do any comparison shopping or expense tracking!
  • How do you screen applicants for my property?

    Screening applicants is one of the most important services we are able to provide to our clients. The highest risk in rental property is tenants that don’t pay rent, cause damage or both! We are confident that our applicant screening process is second to none and complies fully with all Federal Fair Housing Laws. When we receive an application, we do the following to ensure the applicant meets the criteria we and our client have set:
    1. Identity verification with state issued photo ID
    2. Criminal Background report where all counties and states were the applicant has lived are checked. Included in the background check is a sex offender database check and various homeland security watch list databases
    3. Eviction search check through our access to a database of all landlord tenant filings in the countryv
    4. Income verification by the applicant provided paystubs and verifying their authenticity with the employer
    5. Landlord verification by contacting former landlords to verify payment history, condition of property and neighbor complaints.
    Our team has experience not only reviewing thousands of rental applications but also servicing those rentals throughout the applicants’ tenancy. Most importantly we comply with all Federal Fair Housing Laws and make sure you are getting what you want, the lowest risk tenant we can find for your property.
  • I’ve worked really hard on my property. How can I trust you to manage it as well as I do?

    We completely understand that real estate is a very personal asset. Properties can be reflections of you and your values. The best way to let you know we can be trusted is to allow our current clients to tell you what they have found working with us. Once we identify some of your concerns we can put you in contact with a client that will be able to give you their perspective on working with us. Please also see our testimonials.
  • What is it you do exactly for investors?

    Our management service is an all-encompassing service package that allows the investor to sit back, relax and let us handle everything. We provide marketing and leasing, accounting, collections, inspections, maintenance, security deposit administration and more to make a real estate asset operate successfully. We distribute the proceeds to our clients monthly and communicate pertinent issues and concerns to keep them in the loop on what is happening with their investment.
  • What kind of property can you manage?

    We are able to handle all sizes of property, residential, commercial, etc. However, we do only handle property that is in good condition, codes compliant, located close enough to our offices to provide service expediently and with reasonable ownership expectations. We are careful to only represent property that benefits the entire portfolio. So how do you know if we would be able to handle your property? Give us a call! Let’s chat about it and we can see if we are the right property management company for you. 
  • When do I get the proceeds from my property?

    We process rents and expenses on your behalf, with the exception of mortgage payments. After rent is collected at the beginning of the month, we take care of any necessary expenses with the property, collect utility reimbursements if necessary and then distribute your proceeds at the end of the month. We have the ability to send you funds through electronic funds transfer eliminating your waiting for a check and then depositing it. You also receive a monthly statement explaining your income and expenses as well as any reserve funds we are holding.
  • Why do I need property management?

    There are a lot of reasons you might be thinking about property management services. No matter what the reason the benefit is the same- by using professional property management you will realize the strongest possible rents, lowest possible costs and the risk reduction in using experienced, licensed professionals. All of this is possible without you spending your precious time taking calls, collecting checks, providing maintenance or showing properties. When we manage your rental property you get the added benefit of anonymity. No more calls, texts or emotional turmoil associated with running a business that provides homes for people. The residents in your properties deal exclusively with us, keeping your privacy and letting us run your investment like the business it is.

    The most common reasons our clients hire us include:
    • They want to travel more, without concern for the property
    • They live out of the area and worry about the prudence of having an investment when they aren't close
    • They find that the time they spend on managing their property takes away from their career or family
    • They are struggling with the management of the property because it requires skills that aren't strengths for them
    • They inherit the property and although they want to maintain it as an investment, they don’t know how to manage property