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Jennifer Ruelens, MBA, RMP is a highly respected expert in the field of real estate investment, property management, and entrepreneurial leadership. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Jennifer is not only the driving force behind One Focus Property Management, but also a sought-after speaker and presenter. Jennifer thoroughly enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences with diverse audiences and looks forward to collaborating with you to make your event a success.

Previous Appearances:

Below are some examples of Jennifer's previous media appearances, where she has shared her expertise and insights:

Professional Property Management Podcast with Jordan Muela Episode 157: Jennifer is interviewed by industry thought leader, Jordan Muela. Key takeways include how Jennifer views risk vs reward in business and real estate investment.
Beyond Rent Podcast January 30, 2022: Jennifer interviewed by Joe Easton about how she evaluates and views risk, especially through the lens of the provider of the only self-funded tenant assurance guarantee in property management.
Triple Win Leadership Xchange (TWLX) May 16, 2023: Jennifer was invited as a panelist at TWLX with industry leaders lending insight on the future of property management.
EDGE Presented by RentScale May 20, 2022: Jennifer served as the keynote speaker for the virtual event sharing her presentation, Authentic Leadership Starts with You.

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