Guiding Philosophies

Real Estate is a Business - It has been said that real estate is the business that nobody thinks is a business. There are many people who think anybody can be a landlord, there is no special skill set or work involved. Renters often think that all is required to operate their building is cashing checks and occasionally calling a plumber. We believe that your real estate investment is absolutely a business and requires a special skill set to create value for you, the business owner. All aspects of business are involved in operating a real estate investment, finance, marketing, accounting, risk management, sales, operations and legal. We are experts in all aspects of property management and treat it as a business with a disciplined approach.

Core Values

We believe that in order to be successful our people, policies and actions must be value driven. Our team is bonded by our shared values. We allow our core values to guide us through hard work and difficult decisions. Our core values are what we hold most dearly, and we believe that when we run our business in accordance with our values, superior service and client satisfaction will follow.

Value #1: We look up!
We feel that the sky is not the limit, the sky is where it starts to get good. We are only competing against our own best. We push ourselves to satisfy our ambition. We break barriers, create opportunities and live outside the comfort zone. We have big plans and are only interested in working with similarly ambitious people. We love the challenge.

Value #2: Own it, honestly.
We own the successes and failures we have. We don’t shrink back from responsibility or worry about who to blame. If there is a problem, we are accountable to fix it. We are honest with each other, ourselves and everybody at all times. No matter what, truthfulness is required. There are no excuses. Trust is the foundation of our relationships.

Value #3: We stand up.
We do what it takes to protect and advocate for our clients. We are passionate champions for all who rely on us. Standing up for what is right is always our priority. We practice continuous improvement to be as prepared as possible for when we are needed. We treat the properties as if they are our own, putting the concerns of our clients first in our decision making.

Value #4: Do better every day.
Something we all have in common is a dedication to continuous improvement. We are self motivated to improve processes and tools to make them better and improve our work. This is a natural by product of our people's ambition and accountability. When we see that something can be better, we make it better. This means we change things a lot, but always for the better.

Value #5: Have the answer, deliver the solution.
We are bright, deliberate and thoughtful. We are known for our creative and critical thinking approach to problem solving. The world and this business are full of grey areas where the right answer is not always obvious. We thrive in the grey area and make the best possible decisions with and on behalf of our clients. Follow through and execution is vital, and we hold each other accountable for doing what needs to be done.