Application FAQs

Answers to Your Common Questions

  • How do I apply for a property? How do you decide if my application will be approved or denied?

    You can apply for a property by clicking the APPLY ONLINE button on any property listing. You can view our application tips and qualification standards by finding the page APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS under the TENANTS tab at the top of our site.
  • Do you have any properties coming up in __________________?

    We get new properties in North Central PA each week. Please keep an eye on our website and book an appointment to see your favorite as soon as you see it!
  • I have bad credit, what is your screening process?

    Our screening criteria is listed on our website under tenants tab. We ask all applicants to please review our application process online. It is designed to help you understand your likelihood of approval. Please do not ask our staff to give you an approval decision or prediction without submitting the application as required.
  • I don’t want to pay the screening fee and be denied. Can you assure me that I will be approved?

    Please review our screening criteria on our website. If you feel you meet all our requirements, please apply. Please do not ask our staff to give you an approval decision or prediction without submitting the application as required.
  • I didn’t get the property and feel that you should refund my application fee. Why won’t you?

    The application fee is non-refundable we incur costs to process your application whether or not you are able to lease. We publish our screening criteria so that you can evaluate the likelihood of your application prior to applying.
  • How does your application process work? Is it first come first serve?

    We process all applications using a qualified scoring sheet, which can be found on our website. In turn, we select the best tenant. Only fully completed application packages will be processed. An incomplete application package will not be processed. We reserve the right to stop processing applications once we have three complete applications in hand. This allows us to fully process the applications and determine if there is a best qualified among them without unnecessarily prolonging the application process for everybody.
  • My spouse does not work; does he/she need to apply too?

    Every adult living at the property must complete an application package.
  • I recently had my credit pulled. Can you use my report?

    We cannot use outside reports.
  • I want to make sure I get this place. What do I need to do?

    Please view the property ASAP. After you have seen the property, apply online via our website. Make sure you follow all the application instructions. If you follow the application instructions, you will have the best chance of being approved for the property.
  • Do I have to see the property to be approved?

    If you have not seen the property, your application may be subordinated to other applicants who have seen the property.
  • What is my social security number used for?

    Having your social security number allows us to do a criminal and credit background check, as part of your application process. We require these checks for all the properties we represent to better provide our clients with quality tenants. 
  • Why do I need to provide a photo ID to schedule a property showing and with the rental application?

    We love meeting new people and helping them find their new homes. Unfortunately, there is some unpredictability in meeting new people outside of our offices. We believe it is more convenient for everybody to meet for property showings at the property, but we need to be assured of who we are meeting and make sure our records are accurate with who we have met and when. Without submitting a valid photo ID, we will not meet you at a property to show it.

    By providing us with proper identification, we can deliver a faster, more accurate application process. We also need to verify that the person we are working with is who they claim to be.
  • When is my deposit due?

    Once your application has been approved, your security deposit is due immediately so that we can take the property off the market and secure it as yours. Without a security deposit and signed lease we will continue to market and accept applications until it is rented. 
  • How do I remove a tenant from my lease?

  • How do I add someone to my lease?

  • Can I have a pet in my home?

  • How do I navigate the online portal?

  • How do I make an online payment?