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Should I be doing month to month leases right now?

When 3 people ask the same question in 2 days you know you have to take to the internet and give some answers! Today we are addressing- SHOULD I BE DOING MONTH TO MONTH LEASES TO WORK AROUND THE EVICTION MORATORIUMS?Short answer: No.

WVIA's Keystone Edition Panel Discussion

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In case you missed it, WVIA's Keystone Edition had a panel discussion on the current state of evictions and COVID in our area. Our Broker, Jennifer Ruelens, was pleased to have been invited to share the viewpoint of area landlords. Watch it here-

Jennifer Ruelens To Be Panelist On WVIA's Keystone Edition

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Our Broker, Jennifer Ruelens, been honored to be asked to be a panelist on WVIA's Keystone Edition this Thursday at 8pm. We will share a link to the video if you miss it! The show will be focused on evictions during COVID and how landlords and tenants can navigate this. If yo...

One Focus Property Management® Announces New Broker

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Co-Founder Jennifer Ruelens achieves Pennsylvania Real Estate Broker’s LicenseWILLIAMSPORT, Pa., August 10, 2020 – One Focus Property Management® announces that Co-Founder, Jennifer Ruelens, has achieved her broker’s license and is now Broker of Record for t...

LANDLORD 101 Course Enrollment Open Now

Done well, rental properties will grow wealth faster than most other assets due to its leverage, tax benefits, inflation hedge and cash flow potential. However, being a landlord is a lot of work and much harder than most initially realize. This course is for the aspiring landlord...
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