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Listings Being Stolen

Online advertising of rental properties has made finding the right tenant for each property easier and faster than ever. However, there is a major problem with online advertising. Criminals steal the listing information and pictures, create fake listings and get potential tenants to send them money and personal information. In our office, we often hear from people confused after seeing our legitimate ads and the criminals’ ads with difference pricing and contact information. We have even heard from people that believe they have rented a property, after submitting an application and money but then come to realize there were dealing with a criminal and they have been scammed.

We are proud to say that we have finally found the best tool in fighting this type of crime. We now watermark all of our pictures and our videos are branded so that it is not possible to just take the link or photo and create a false advertisement. Now the consumer can have confidence that when they inquire about our listings, they are dealing with the most reputable rental company in the area and are not a criminal trying to steal money and personal information.

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