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Finding, Managing, and Retaining Qualified Vendors

One of the biggest problems property owners face is finding, managing and retaining qualified vendors. It can be challenging to find people skilled in the exact sort of work required. Even more challenging is the lack of familiarity most property owners have with the wide variety of problems they will face with a building over time. If you have ever faced an unfamiliar problem you know the time and effort that goes into researching the problem, making calls, meeting vendors, getting bids, checking references and supervising the project.

One of the most valuable services we offer our clients is our experience managing building maintenance and network of quality, insured vendors. We work hard to build relationships with vendors that are capable of providing quality work at fair prices. Vendors enjoy working with us because we can offer a volume of work and are professional to work with. Volume discounts are another way we offer value to our clients. By bidding out work for the whole portfolio, we get work done at lower prices than you would get by pricing one or two properties on their own.

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