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How to Advertise Your Williamsport Rental Property Successfully

How to Advertise Your Williamsport Rental Property Successfully

You know that you are a successful property owner when your property generates consistent income that can be used in paying for your property’s expenses. But your rental income can only reach this point when your property is occupied.

It is crucial that you minimize vacancies to keep your rental business profitable. As, when your property is vacant, all expenses associated with owning a rental still need to be paid regardless of whether it is occupied.

At One Focus Property Management, we believe that having a well-located, charming property for rent won’t mean anything if nobody knows about it. So, you need to effectively market your property in an engaging way to grab attention. 

Importance of Advertising Your Williamsport Rental Property

Using the best marketing strategy when advertising your Williamsport rental property provides the exposure your property deserves when attracting prospective tenants. From here, you can finalize the list of prospects and choose the perfect candidate to sign the lease.

When you have tenants consistently in your property, you plan your financial future and avoid mistakes. This means you can cover all property upkeep and expenses for your rental property.

Four Ways to Advertise your Rental Property

It’s when a prospective renter responds to your advertisement, you safely assume that the marketing strategy you are using is effective. Your goal should be to pique a prospect's interest and encourage them to inquire about the property. 


The most effective way to do this is to create listings that are hard to ignore.

Use High-Quality Photos

Your audience will look at the photos first before they read the captions or descriptions. So, it is vital that you use great photography for your advertising photos. 

You need to appropriately stage and light the property so you’re highlighting your property’s best features. But you should also be mindful of camera angles as the property may look cramped when taken at the wrong angle. 

Most importantly, edit your high-resolution photos so they appear clear and crisp. Using the right camera will help highlight the details and make the space more appealing.

Write an Engaging Summary

While it is nice to point out every detail of your property, it is more functional to write a description that makes prospects envision themselves living in your property. Additionally, you should use relevant keywords that will make your listings early searchable online. 

The summary should also be transparent enough to list the restrictions and limitations of your property so your renters would know what to expect. Always include alternatives if you are missing a popular amenity. Think of the details you’d like to know if you were the one looking for a place to stay and include those in your description. 

This means your prospective renters will easily find your rental property!


Craft a Striking Headline

Hook your prospects in with a striking headline that also gives information to answer common questions regarding your space. This is the first thing they see when searching for listings so choosing your words is crucial when writing a heading. 

The headline should generally include the number of beds, bathrooms, cost of rent, location, and property type, and choose a single amenity or renovation that would entice a prospect to stay long-term. This may seem a lot, but the headline information will attract the kind of tenants that is perfect for you and your rental property.

A striking headline usually looks like the one below:

$1,375 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom Picturesque Log Home in Williamsport, PA with access to the Loyalsock creek

Brief but engaging copy, describing the use of space and how to maximize the rooms and shared spaces is a fantastic marketing tool. This will give them an idea of how they can fully utilize and enjoy the amenities.

The headline must create an opportunity that is difficult for your candidates to pass up. Highlighting the unique amenities offered, your personal favorite part of the house, and other specifics that can help them decide.

Stage Your Rental Property

Properties that look brand new, clean, and organized appeal to more prospects. So, make sure that your rental property is ready for occupancy and marketing. 


To create a livable space for your prospects, you need to do a deep clean and make the necessary upgrades. Fix or replace broken things and set furniture and fixtures in a way that prospective renters can imagine living in your rental property.

Publish Your Ads

You can use different property listing platforms and marketing techniques to make your advertisement public. Once your listings are posted online, you need to monitor them and then answer all inquiries so you can quickly fill your vacancy. Always stay ahead of the competition by being on top of your listings.

We would also encourage you to hand out your print ads, and use other offline platforms such as local newspapers, billboards, or even a professional yard sign. Keep your lines of communication open to improve your vacancy rate.

Bottom Line

Advertising your own rental property can be a challenge, especially if you are not sure how to start. This is where a professional rental property manager like One Focus Property Management can help throughout the rental process of advertising your property to screening tenants and more. 

For your rental property needs in Williamsport, reach out to One Focus Property Management at (570) 505-3347 and we’ll be happy to assist you today!

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